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Godzilla Vs. Kong Review
6.5 /10 IMDb

Godzilla vs. Kong

Neil Soans
Neil SoansMar 24, 2021
Times of India

Godzilla emerges from the depths of the ocean to attack a facility owned by Apex Cybernetics. This prompts Dr Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård) to team up with Dr Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) and convince Kong to defend humans from the mighty reptile. Dr Andrews is the adoptive mother to Jia (Kaylee Hottle), a hearing and speech impaired girl who is particularly fond of Kong. Meanwhile, Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) suspects Godzilla has valid reasons for his seemingly malicious act of aggression. Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry), a former Apex employee, now runs a podcast based on the conspiracy theory that the company is hiding secrets from the public that could be ground-breaking. Together with Madison and her friend Josh Valentine (Julian Dennison), Bernie seeks to investigate Apex and its CEO Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir). A creature feature is as good as its colossal beasts, and in that department, ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is breath-taking. The creature designs are simply stunning to behold on the big screen, particularly in IMAX, and the action sequences are well-directed and executed by Adam Wingard. His technical know-how is on full display as he lends the set pieces with a clarity previously unseen in this monster-verse franchise. They’re supported by astonishing cinematography and effects that are seamless. However, the film is narratively bereft of logic, and the wafer-thin plot is littered with holes. Some segments, such as the journey to Earth’s inner core, are fascinating to look at but raise puzzling questions in the bargain. Despite the cast putting their best efforts into their respective roles, there are hardly any emotionally impactful elements in the film. Some of the characters are merely filler, having little to no consequence. The roles played by Eiza González, Demián Bichir and Kyle Chandler come to mind. The most compelling angle is the bond between Jia and Kong, but it does not have much room for exploration before the next action sequence. Despite its shortcomings, ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is exactly as advertised. It certainly delivers on its promise as a massive monster clash, and adrenaline-driven movie lovers will be visually rewarded for catching this spectacle in cinemas.Read full review

 Kshitij Rawat
Kshitij RawatMar 25, 2021
The Indian Express

If you needed a rock-solid reason to return to the cinemas, Godzilla vs Kong would easily fit the bill. This monster movie would probably look spectacular wherever you watch it, but it absolutely dazzles on the big screen with epic monster-on-monster action and thunderous, almost deafening, sound effects. The fourth film in Warner Bros and Legendary’s MonsterVerse, a cinematic universe where giant monsters are real and have existed way before the human race came into being, Godzilla vs Kong pits two ancient alpha predators against each other. For some reason, Godzilla, a predator resembling a huge reptile who has the ability to bombard his enemies with nuclear radiation, has been attacking cities and killing people. Godzilla, always seen as more of a saviour than an indiscriminate killer, is mighty ticked off about something and has been felling cities like dominoes. Enter Kong. Since Kong: Skull Island, the giant ape on which many say the survival of humanity depends, has been dragged from his isolated island home to the civilisation. Luckily for humans, there is a little girl who has a connection to Kong and they communicate using sign language.Kong is bound and carried off aboard a ship to Antarctica, as the continent hides in its depths a door leading to a whole world inside the earth, the original abode of the titans. They intend to find out the secret to that hidden world and if the Hollow Earth theory has any truth. Meanwhile, a podcaster and a couple of teenagers discover a nefarious conspiracy that may help explain why Godzilla has gone crazy. If you noticed why this review is talking about human characters in vague terms, there is a good reason. This monster mashup is another addition in the MonsterVerse in which human characters are seemingly thrown in just to have an excuse for the titanic clash. That is admittedly a shame, for there is actually quite an excellent ensemble. But chances are, if you bought a ticket to catch this movie in the theatres, you are here to witness the brawl. And when it comes to the promise of its title, Godzilla vs Kong delivers immensely.The two iconic movie monsters fight more than once, and each time it is like two gods battling it out for the supremacy of the world — which is perhaps not far from the truth. It is like recreation of the best of the classic monster movies, except this time everything looks ultra-detailed and realistic, if a word like that can be used here. The third act of the film is unadulterated big-screen goodness, and while the resolution of the conflict is something you see coming from a mile away, you’d hardly care. No matter which titan you wanted to win, you would likely feel satisfied with the outcome. Godzilla vs Kong is exactly what its trailers and promotional and marketing material said it would be: a big, thrilling, dumb action movie that no monster movie fan should miss.Forget Tenet, if the attendance in the cinema hall where this scribe watched the movie is any indication, it is Godzilla vs Kong that may end up renewing interest in the theatrical experience. It is the first quintessential popcorn-munching blockbuster you will see after a long, long time.Read full review

 Saibal Chatterjee
Saibal ChatterjeeMar 25, 2021

A passably engaging and rather uncluttered plot provides the surround sound for epic monster brawls in Godzilla Vs Kong, the fourth entry in Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse. Apart from being the biggest of the lot, it is also what the franchise was leading up to since 2014's Godzilla. This is a movie that delivers the world - and then some - to its fanbase. Godzilla Vs Kong, with its frequent, and inevitable, nods to decades of pop culture history that spans the globe, is a potboiler that unabashedly revels in excess. It is none the worse for it because that is the nature of the creature. To be precise, two creatures. When the Alpha Titans, driven by rage, go head-to-head in no-holds-barred fights, it is no ordinary spectacle. It towers over aircraft carriers, giant waves of the ocean and skyscrapers of a megacity. The screenplay by Eric Pearson (whose writing credits include various Marvel projects) and Max Borenstein (who has been involved with all the modern Godzilla/Kong films) pulls out the stops and creates the stage for the two monsters to face off against each other in the sea and in the middle of Hong Kong, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. This is by far the most ambitious movie of the career of director Adam Wingard, who hitherto helmed slasher/horror thrillers. He steps up to the plate and gives Godzilla vs Kong all that he has got. What he has got is more than enough to ensure that the payoffs from the grand showdowns between a fire-spewing gargantuan lizard and a mighty ape who raises hell when provoked does not ever fall short. The paths of the two monsters cross not because they are spoiling for a fight. The machinations of mankind precipitate the confrontation. Two groups of scientists - one determined to protect Kong, the other bent upon taming Godzilla - are in the fray. The former is made up of discredited Monarch geologist Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgard), Titan 'whisperer' Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) and Iwi orphan Jia (played by hearing-impaired newcomer Kaylee Hottle), all three new additions to the franchise. Dr. Andrews is the adoptive mother of the little girl who is the only one on the severely depleted Skull Island who can communicate with Kong. The other bunch of scientists is led by the Walter Simmons (Damien Bichir), CEO of Apex Cybernetics, whose sprawling facility in Pensacola Florida is attacked early in the film by Godzilla. Working with tech engineer Ren Serizawa (Shun Oguri in his first Hollywood role), he is out to make the world a safer place by rustling up a match for the monsters. There is, of course, Mechagodzilla (a robotic version of the unstoppable sea monster) lurking somewhere in the background but its advent assumes importance only after Dr. Lind, along with Dr. Andrews, Jia and disruptive Maia Simmons (Eiza Gonzalez), Walter's daughter, have followed King Kong on a dangerous mission to Hollow Earth in search of a sepulchral source of energy that could fight Godzilla. Another crucial strand of the plot centres on an eccentric conspiracy theorist Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry), a former Apex technician who is joined by Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown), daughter of key Monarch scientist (Kyle Chandler) and her nerdy pal Josh Valentine (Julian Dennison). The human characters have a significant amount of work to do in Godzilla Vs Kong, but the eponymous monsters are never in danger of being upstaged. The two are on the screen for at least half of the film's nearly two-hour running time. When they are, there is nary a dull moment. Godzilla is on a rampage. The creature has a reason. And that is what the nosey Bernie, the spunky Madison and the feckless Josh are out to ascertain at great peril to themselves. Kong, in contrast, is more of a reluctant fighter who is drawn into battle largely by events masterminded by the humans. The prospect of finding home and family entices the ape into leading the way into an unknown ecosystem. A great deal of the goings-on, given the spry way the storyline is treated, frequently requires verbal explication but the racy rhythm of the dialogues obviates the risk of the narration sinking into inertia. Godzilla vs Kong, despite being centred on a pair of giants who swamp the screen completely as they have a go at each other, manages to squeeze in plot details and human elements that go beyond what the film has on offer by way of its undeniably dazzling visual effects and technical finesse. There is talk of reverse gravity propulsion, Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicles (HEAVs), shipping pods, "humanity's bold new era" and even an underground colony for the elite to retreat to if governments and mega corporations were to accidentally hit the Doomsday button. You have to keep your ears perked - your eyes already are - to catch all the terms that are tossed around as the ground is paved for an epic confrontation that cannot be prevented. Godzilla vs Kong operates at a basic, visceral level. That isn't a bad thing at all given that the two combatants need the sustained power of the visuals and the kinesis of the set pieces to keep interest alive in what fate has in store for the two - and for mankind. The scale of the action is consistently impressive. The buoyancy of the tale does not flag either even when the dialogues get a tad verbose. The emotional pull of the film may be feeble at times but what unfolds on the screen is envisioned, mounted and packaged with panache. Yes, two relationships - both involving the silent Jia - could have done with a little more exposition. The girl has been adopted by both Dr. Andrews and Kong. Her bond with the latter in particular propels the plot forward in significant ways. A girl whose parents perished in a storm that wiped out a community and a creature in containment whose habitat is no longer big enough to hold him have much in common, which explains the deep rapport between them.Read full review

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