Website Issues

We’ve been experiencing some issues since this morning and the site isn’t up for the same reason. We expect to be back up and running by 11:30 in the morning.

We will update soon on the progress.

Update: (10:26 AM): The Mobile version of the website is up and running now. You can always try out


2 thoughts on “Website Issues

  1. Hi Paytm team,

    First let me thank you for providing such an nice and Easy-to-use interface for recharging my mobile. Its been very fast and very accurate service for me so far.
    however there are few minor issues tha i noticed and would like to bring it to your notice.
    1. I usually face failed transaction while recharging airtel no.
    2. The website need to have a “home” link to go directly to hompage. When we are under our profile or “Order Status” then i cant find any link to go back to home page to recharge.

    Hope to see there few minor improvements in future..

    YOU GUYS ROCKS….. :)


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