Uttarakhand needs our help


Images of devastation in Uttarakhand are gut-wrenching! We cannot even try to fathom the pain and suffering they are facing up there. While we cannot change things, we can’t just sit here and do nothing. So we have decided to help and we know that you are with us in this.

We have started a drive to donate to the Uttarakhand Relief Fund, and we look at you to set the pace for us. Once you donate an amount, Paytm will match it rupee for rupee. For instance, if you donate Rs.100, Paytm will add Rs. 100 more to the donation. Together with you, we hope to reach an amount of Rs. 10 Lakh.

There are two ways in which you can make the donation -


  • Click on the new category added on the home page called “Uttarakhand Relief Fund”
  • Enter the amount you want to donate and proceed
  • Your order will show in the “My Orders” section (when accessed through desktop only)


  • Simply proceed with your recharge as you usually do
  • The coupons selection page now also offers coupons of value ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs 2000
  • Please select your desired amount and go on to complete your recharge.

In both cases, Paytm will match your donation amount rupee for rupee and make sure that this money goes to the official Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s fund.

167 thoughts on “Uttarakhand needs our help

  1. … very very sad victim in UK (India) we r help’s people to face this victim …

  2. Hi,

    I donate Rs. 100/- to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund through Paytm.
    Order number 106054640
    Please donate and help the victims.

    Arnab Banerjee

    • Can anyone tell me how can we donate money to CM relief fund through Paytime? I wan to do transaction for my organization and it’s huge money! Please help me what’s the best process to do this??

      • Hi Ankit, on the homepage of our website, you’ll see a tab called Uttarakhand relief fund. You can click on it, enter the amount you want to donate and proceed to making the payment. Also, you can select Uttarakhand donation coupons worth Rs.10 to Rs.2000 from the coupons page while making your recharge. Trust it answers your query.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have donated Rs. 100 through paytm.com. my PAN card no. in ANMPA0092K. please send me tax exemption form.

      • Hello Aditya,
        I donate Rs. 100 and Rs. 50 with this two order number

        Order # 106673299
        Order # 106672295

        my pan card number is – BFRPM8078M
        can I get the tax exemption certificate also?

        Thanks & Regards

        • Hi Debarup, thank you for your generous donation. However, I am sorry to inform you that we would not be able to issue the tax exemption certificate. Regret the inconvenience.

      • exactly the truth of going money to the relief fund can be transparent by getting any proof so, we need tax exemption certificate as one of the way to donate more..

        or show us any thing that the money really goes to them, actually it’s an humble request to you #paytm

        my donation is 100 by order no.107244495

  4. Hi,

    I feel instead of donating to the uttarakhand CM fund or PM fund, which are just for name sake, you can tie up to gujarat govt or fund, as they have really done something for our country men.

    ajit jain

    • Hi Ajit, thank you for raising your concern but at this moment of crisis, the fastest way to reach out to the people would be to directly donate to the official Chief Minister’s fund.

      • Hello Aditya,
        Instead of sending to CM or PM’s account why not you send it to the Indian Army UK(India) relif fund. They would definitely help those people but who knows these CM and PM can burp them(donations) up!!!!

        • Hi Umang, the only way to reach out to the people of Uttarakhand is through the Chief Minister’s relief fund and we’re doing exactly that. We’ll be putting up the receipt as well once we send out the donation amount.

  5. I really appreciate your concern but I think donating this to any good NGO will help more than putting the money into the hands of these *@#$*#. First let them bring back the just the 2G scam money back.

    • Hi Sumit, the NGOs too would have to reach out to the people through the Chief Minister’s official relief fund. So the fastest way to help would be to donate directly to the official fund and that is what we are doing.

    • Hi Raju, thank you for sharing your concern, but at this point of time we should do our bit in helping out the victims and the best possible way to do it is by reaching out to the Chief Minister’s official fund.

  6. Sir,
    I want to make only one point that for donation we have to first recharge our no. If anyone just have to donate money but don’t want to recharge his no. it seems impossible. Please do the needful.

    Sharuk Ghayal.

    • Hi Sriram, currently we do not have it available on bus tickets. However, we are working on implementing this donation without having to make a transaction on Paytm. Please check after a few hours.

  7. It’s my pleasure to help the UK flood victims by adding some bucks. God bless them all…& salute to all Indian Forces and volunteers taking part in relief operation .

  8. May the Almighty be with those who has lost their dear ones,home less and poor refugees of Uttarakhand. we are there for them, so lets join our hands and raise a relief fund by supporting concerned authorities. I’ve done my part so it is your turn to do so.

  9. Yesterday, I have already donated to PMRF, but will try and donate in coming month throught this site as i am regulary using this site to recharge.

    Appreciated your effort for helping the people in need.

  10. i want to deposit rs. 100/- for uttarakhand relief but i dont get the option in pay tm.
    pl. suggest

    • Hi Archanaa, on the homepage of our website, you will find a tab called Uttarakhand Relief Fund. Just click on that, enter the amount you want to donate and proceed ahead. Trust it answers your query. Do let me know if you need further assistance.

  11. Its really a very good step taken by your team. Its an opportunity for us Indians to prove that we are UNITED. Many are donating funds, food, etc through various agencies, hope these collections reach the needy in time.

    I would suggest that a copy of the receipt paid by your team to Uttarakhand CM Fund may be uploaded on your site, for the satisfaction of a few…….

  12. just donated rs 100/- , please do not give it to minister..just buy some food and water to the needy. May God help them all. Amen

  13. Nice initiative. For donating money we should make recharge. It would be good if we can donate money with out recharng also.

  14. after making donation i am not able to see my other orders from “My Orders” page. Please fix if it is a problem. I was able to see only the order of my donation made other orders were not displayed there.


  15. logon ki madad karna sabse bada punya hai………please donate for Uttarakhand peoples. Bcoz needs our help

      • I also donated threw PAYTM..
        I was finding the secure way to donate, so that my money will goes to UK by safe hands, Today i open this website for recharge and found that PAYTM is also providing this service.
        I Ever found PAYTM is very trustable for money transfer, and PAYTM is also making double to your money for U.K. relief.

        Thanks PAYTM

        Deepak Kumar

  16. Paytm don’t even reply support tickets and they are donating funds to needy ;0 i did a recharge of 100rs balance was deducted from my account got no recharge and even told this to support department more then 7 days no reply :(

    Order number -104780119 had no other option


  18. “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean” Let us all donate no matter how small.

  19. hi,I have tried to donate directly,without making any recharge but there i didnt got any option to pay for donation through paytm cash balance.I request paytm team to add this option for convenient donation.

  20. It would be great if you list all the names and amounts that they have donated and explain how and when the funds are delivered to the official Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s fund. Thanks.

  21. Hamlog jo donate karenge kiya uska slip diya jayega aur ye amount aap khud leja kar peeriton ko denge

  22. Thanks for your great effort. Just donated Rs.3000 to your fund (order number 106445701). I want to donate 5000 but paytm does not allow me above Rs. 3000. I am a regular customer of paytm and and love your site. Although I’m not rich and I know how people suffer as 2001 i was in the same victims. So only one request plz plz take care of using donation money properly. We have trust on you but not the so called CM and PM.

    • Hi Milan, its really great to see your support for the victims. Highly appreciate it. As for the donation, so once we send out the money, we will release a copy of the receipt for everyone.

  23. hope uttarakand death peoples sole rest in peace, i am praying god to get well soon uttarakand.

  24. Hi,

    I donate Rs. 100/- to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund through Paytm.
    Order number 106514641
    Please donate and help the victims.

    Srinivas Puligedda

  25. Hi,

    I have Donate 101/- for Uttarakhand relief fund (order number 106280576). thanks for PAYTM Team…

    +91 99256 98193
    +91 2834 2834 70
    At – Mandvi – Kutch

  26. i dn’t trust any PM or CM relief fund but i trust paytm that’s y i donated here that my money is going in d right hands..

  27. I help Uttarakhand Relief Fund by donate.I Am Praying God To Get Well Soon Uttarakand Plz Help

  28. Thanks for your great effort. Just donated Rs.500 to your fund (order number 106564224).. I am a regular customer of paytm and and love your site. So only one request plz plz take care of using donation money properly. We have trust on you.

  29. i am very sad and i am praying from god to do it well my all wishes is always for our brothers and sister and my family like a indian people……………………….

  30. Hi All,

    I donate Rs. 200/- to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund through Paytm.
    Order number 106598620

    Please donate and help the victims..


  31. Hi,

    I donate Rs. 100/- to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund through Paytm.
    Order number 106630205
    Please donate and help the victims.

    Ajit Singh Jat

  32. Hi,

    I donate Rs. 500/- to Uttarakhand Relief Fund through Paytm. Order number 106642636

    Please donate and help the victims, please also send me tax exemption form.

    Sarbjit Singh Grewal – INDIA

  33. Donate whatever amount you can. Every Single Rupee will help the people. Donate instead of alms on Railways and Bus Stops.
    I have donated 1000 Rupees

  34. agar maine 200 ka recharge karaya to mujhe kitna pay karna padega donate karne ke liye. Kya mere 200 ka recharge karane ka matlab aap meri taraf se 200 rs. fund me jama karayenge meri taraf se? Mujhe english nahi aati, kripya jawab hindi me dene ka kasth karen. Jai Bharat.

    • Hello Bharat, jab aap recharge karne ke liye coupons page pe aayenge, to waha pe aapko Uttarakhand relief fund naam ke coupons dikhenge jo Rs.10 se lekar Rs.2000 tak ke hai. Aapko jitna amount donate karna hai, utne ka coupon select kar ke apna payment kar sakte hai. Jitne ka coupon aap lenge, hum bhi utna hi amount apni taraf se donate karenge. Aasha hai ki maine aapke sawal ka jawab sahi tarah se diya. Agar abhi bhi koi doubt ho to aap kabhi bhi hame likh sakte hai.

  35. Considering the exponential growth in the volume of donations, is paytm really going to match the donations? Even if it goes as high as 1 cr?

  36. I have Donated 200/- for Uttarakhand relief fund (order number 106903488). thanks for PAYTM Team…Is Doing a Good Job…

  37. I just want to know will PAYTM stop taking contribution after reaching 10 LAKHS? I have a deep believe that people will help more once they will know about it I mean contribution through PAYTM in UttarKhand flood victims. So suggesting if paytm can not adding money after money above 10lakhs its ok but should not stop it at least with in a week. Also send first 10lakhs to to victims as soon as possible as we dont know how much people suffering there.


  39. i have paid Rs 1000/- through my department
    plz help those people who suffering from disaster

  40. Although i paid for Uttrakhand Relief Fund, through Paytm…#But what’s the surety that the money collected will be donated to the needy persons out there..!!

  41. lord Jesus will defiantly resolve all flood victims sadness very soon. please pray to god………..

  42. Order number: 106845077
    Paytm has matched your donation and ₹50 will now be deposited in Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s Relief fund.

  43. I am donating Rs 200 (Order number: 107097537) through Paytm and this is my humble request to the people of Paytm, please do take it forward to the needy people.

    I hope you people will not disappoint me.

    My prayers are with all those people who have lost their loved ones in this catastrophe.

  44. Kindly accept my little Rs 100 donation with Order number: 107102264.

    I would like to thank you for providing a medium for people like me to donate for a great cause.

    Keep up the good work. May Bhagwan/Waheguru give peace to the victims and their relatives.

  45. Hi Pay TM,
    I donated Rs.100 to Uttarakhand fund on selection coupon card of 100 while doing my RC 150. Whether the money transferred or not. Any way pls do needful & help the victims pls.

    My Order No : 107097722

    Its really a very good step taken by your team.

    Thanks & Regards
    Suresh Kumar K

  46. my contribution towards uttarakhand relief fund is Rs.100. being a human we need to help the people by our contribution.

  47. Its really sad to see this mourning incident.Hope all the peoples who lost their lives in this unfortunate diaster could find peace.I pray for their families could get enough stregth to bring their daily lives on track.
    It is my heartiest thank to paytm.com who has started this initiatives.I was looking for this mean how i can help a little bit to those helpless peoples.My order number is 107144449.Please make sure that our money will go into needy’s pockets.

  48. paytm i love it . a good initiative to those sick peoples.

    sorry i cant be donate .
    can i pray for them to god to help gods childs.

    with prayer

  49. Bhagwan un logo ki aatma ko santi pradan kare zo utrakhand ke prakartik apda ke sikar hue

  50. very good effort to help the victims..
    may all the souls of the gone people rest in peace…….

  51. very good effort to help the victims..
    may the souls of all the gone people rest in peace….

  52. please help poor people.. my donation its not big but still i gave from my heart… wht ever i was having wid me…. thanx paytm for easy way of donation… n to help them… god bless ur comapny…

  53. I donated 500/- for Uttarakhand Relief …
    Order number: 107274584

    Waiting for the letter of evidence that this money has reached its right place.
    I don’t want any tax exemption.
    Just a proof that this money has reached the needy or not.
    I trust paytm & using it for longest time….

  54. Can u give an update on how much money has been collected till now? It has not been updated on your website since 28th june 10 am

  55. Save uttarakhand save India… donate money to the poor people .. bye this you get back peace…

  56. hi,
    i donate Rs. 2000/. to Uttrakhanad relief fund through Paytm. Order Num-107305771.
    Please donate the Amount to suffering peoples of Uttrakhand and help them.

    thanks for Paytm …

    Deepti Jeena
    J. P. Tej kumar

  57. I m from Uttarakhand , but i m very Far from my state i dote 2000/ Rs to Uttarakhand relief fund through Paytm. Plz donate the Rs. to my Suffering peoples . Order Num-107305771

    Thank you.

  58. Its my appeal to every subscriber of paytm pls donate atleast minimum amount to help Uttara Khand people on you next recharge “HELP INDIA HELP HUMANITY”.

  59. Great initiative. I donated and want to donate more in coming month. Make sure it reach in safe hands. God bless them.

  60. I apeal to all people Please Donate for this cause, Definately You will experience satisfaction & Happiness. It’s not a preach but It’s my experience. Whatever money you will donate, double satisfaction you will recieve, Try It

  61. Hi there,

    I have donated Rs. 500 and my order no. is Order number: 107486242. Please donate it on my behalf.

    Thank you.

  62. Did my part and motivating others to do it. Paytm is far reliable and trustworthy than others who try to make their living out of these situations.

  63. I respect your benevolent motives to serve the humanity. You are much more that an ordinary internet company.

  64. hi…
    Great initiative.
    I donate 100/-
    Order number: 107525984.
    hats off to you Paytm.. Thanks a lot for the support!

  65. Its a very positive side of Paytm.com……

    Please help whatever u want ,

    so that the distress persons get a little “bit”

  66. Hi All,

    I just donated Rs.51/- to “Uttarakhand Relief Fund”

    With Regards,
    Santosh Kulkarni

  67. god bless them……………jay jagannath mahaprabhu sarbasistha mangala kara………..
    I also donated some amount for Uttarakhand Relief …Order number: 107645891.
    hats off to you Paytm.. Thanks a lot for the support!

  68. Done
    Order number: 107646343

    maula sub pe karam sub pe raham farma
    jin jin log abhi bhi musibat me fase hai unki musibate dur farma
    jin logo ne unke apno ko khoya unko sabra ata kar

    Thx paytm for giving me opportunity to be a part for this noble cause

  69. I have paid 501/- rupees in uttarakhand relief fund thru PAYTM. Good initiative by PAYTM.Keep doing the good work. My order # 107654800.
    Nikhil Srivastava

  70. god bless them……………jay jagannath mahaprabhu sarbasistha mangala kara………..god help some good people who help other.
    Please help whatever u want ,

    so that the distress persons get a little “bit” plz do sonme thing right

  71. Hello paytm,
    Thanks to u for giving us a platform to share your helping hand towards Uttarakhand victims. I just donated a little amount for the same cause but the happiness which I got was a huge one. I highly praise your efforts and also expect the same social accountability in future too………
    Thank you once again.

  72. Fucking 100% cheaters. Whenever I come and recharge it from this site, it fails and there is some technical issue at their back end. i actually came to recharge thinking that i will save time and I wanted balance to make some urgent calls, but its been more than an Hour and they have not recharged my mobile balance, rather they deducted the money from my bank at the initial point and even the money is not yet available for refund. FUCKING your technology sucks and also your customer care.

    This is a request to all those potential customers to not to recharge from this website.If you dont beleive, then I can show you Screen preview of all the evidences in my case. Please you can verify by mailing me on vaibhav_pujara@yahoo.co.in. STOP USING http://www.PAYTM.com

    Paytm also breaches the cyber law by not providing their Telephone number on their website. I will be reporting this to the concern department and I m not able to get the value for my money which has been paid by my side long back . My order number is 111559722 dated 14th July 2013

    • Hi Vaibhav, I am really sorry for the trouble you had to go through here. I have cross checked your account. The transaction you’ve mentioned here got failed and your money was refunded into your Paytm Cash account, which you have successfully used again for another transaction(order id: 111673080). Trust it answers your query here. Feel free to write to us in case you have any further queries.

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