Go Green with Paytm to Save the Environment!

Have you ever thought about how you can be part of saving the precious environment? Our fragile planet needs us to be more innovative so that we can leave a lasting legacy for future generations to come. So, time to take your steps towards saving the environment.


Yes, you heard it right. The need of the hour is to find practical ways to be Earth friendly. And, now you can absolutely help improve the environment because of Paytm. Everytime you recharge through www.paytm.com, you are doing your bit to help conserve natural resources. Let us walk you through.

First and foremost, online recharge means paperless transactions. When you recharge through Paytm, you are NOT using paper (meaning scratch cards) and we are roughly saving an incredible 21 tonnes of paper in a year. Can you believe that would mean saving at least 357 trees because of Paytm (17 trees per tonne approx)?

In addition, online transactions would mean people now don’t have to drive to nearby vendors or shops just to recharge their mobiles. This saves precious fuel and if we were to assume 50% of the people use their car and travel a minimum of 1km, you as Paytm customers would be saving an approximate 6,08,333 litres of petrol. Isn’t that simply wonderful?

Not just this, burning fuel is a major contributor to global warming as Carbondioxide and other greenhouse gases (emitting from motor vehicle exhausts) lead to chaotic weather patterns and rising sea levels. Thanks to Paytm’s bid to save the environment, our carbon footprint would be less.

Finally, talking about paperless world, again Paytm goes a long way in going green. Instead of sending physical coupons that wastes precious paper, we give e-coupons to our customers thus eliminating the use of paper altogether.

Let us all take a pledge to leave a world worth living for our children and generations to come. Through Paytm you have already taken the right step, and now it’s up to you how you take it forward.