Call Cut Gaya Contest!

Ever run out of talktime while on the phone?

The picture above shows a perfect ‘Call Cat Gaya’ situation. All you have to do is complete the conversation. The five most creative lines which can complete what the girl was going to say win Rs. 350 Paytm Cash!

The contest closes tomorrow at 4pm and we’ll announce the winners on Thursday at noon.

Awkward incomplete conversations? We suggest you Stay Charged! ;)

Stay vigilant. Stay secure.

Security alert to all users: Fraudulent activity of person posing as a Paytm employee.

We have discovered a person impersonating Paytm employees and extracting sensitive information like your bank account details. Please do not entertain calls from any such person. The mobile numbers he is using to make these fraudulent calls are 9844891699 & 8050456081. If you have received any such call, please inform our customer care team at does not ask for sensitive information like bank account number, PIN, debit or credit card number or your Paytm account password. Please keep in mind the best and only way we communicate is via our email address

Be aware of phishing emails, spoofs of websites and impostures.

Stay informed.


We want your DTH running

Get your 5% discount on DTH recharges at Paytm now!

Recharge your DTH service with Paytm and get 5% off on your total recharge value. It’s a one-time offer valid from 05:00pm to 07:00pm today! The offer is valid on DTH recharges exclusively with a maximum discount of Rs. 50. To get it use the Promo Code PAYTMDTH5250 at our Payment Selection page.

DTH recharges with Paytm are simple, fast and secure.

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Be the Voice of Paytm!

You speak. We listen. We were wondering if that was enough. So we actually thought we’d celebrate you and all the fantabulous things you have to say about us. We’re turning the spotlight on you as it’s your time to shine and be the Voice of Paytm!

What is the Voice of Paytm you ask? It’s only the coolest way to voice your take and be heard! We’re asking you to be our voice. Tell everyone loud and clear about the Paytm experience.

We bet you’re dying to know how you can be heard. It’s simple! Call our toll-free number 1800-1800-1234 and press 2 to go to the Voice of Paytm menu. Once there, press 1 to record your take on Paytm. You’ll have 15 seconds to record your message and be sure to mention your name and city loud and clear at the start of recording your message. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

But wait, the best part is – we’re gonna broadcast your recorded testimonials on radio stations and even share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages. This puts the spotlight directly on you! That’s right, you can become a celebrity in your own right!

Why are you still waiting around? Go on dial our toll-free number 1800-1800-1234 quickly and get ‘on-air’!

Be the Voice of Paytm!


Sign in on Paytm made simpler!

We’ve learnt that simplicity, transparency and accessibility is what makes Paytm different. So keeping exactly that in mind the option to Sign In via your Facebook account on Paytm. Now you can access both sites with one simple Sign In. Let’s go through this together to better understand it.

On our Sign In page you have the option of using your Facebook account to access your Paytm account. Don’t you just hate it when posts go out without your permission on your FB wall? We give you our word – we won’t post anything to your wall.

Login Page Pic

On clicking on “Connect with Facebook”, a screen will pop up [as shown below] and ask you to log in to your Facebook account. Enter your details and click on “Log In” to continue.

You will be prompted to go to the Paytm App [as shown below]. It won’t actually take you to an app on Facebook, but clicking on “Go to App” will conclude the connecting with Facebook process and the pop-up will close automatically. This process is just a one-time thing and you won’t have to go through this every time you want to Sign In on Paytm.

From this point on, depending on the scenarios below, you will either be redirected to our Home Page or asked to enter a key-in password [as shown below]. A new Paytm account will be created and those of you worried about losing all your other account info-  chill! You can merge all your existing accounts on Paytm and access all your information from one single account.

Once you’re done with this you’ll see your Facebook profile picture and name appear just above ‘Your Account’ on the Home page [as shown below].

From this point on you can go about recharging or paying your bills and at the same time stay connected to social networking. Paytm respects your privacy and will never post anything on behalf of you without your permission.

Stay Charged!


A race to the finish! Referral’s back.


It’s time to check your throttle, brakes and steering and get your torque on! The Paytm Referral Program is back. Bring your friends, neighbours and colleagues over to to experience the awesomeness.

What’s the Paytm Referral Program all about?

Well it’s not rocket science. All you have to do is bring everyone you know to Once they sign up and complete their first recharge both of you receive Paytm Cash. Oh yea and you also stand to win either an iPad or a Season Ticket to the F1 race at the Buddh International Circuit. Pretty cool stuff huh?!

Absolutely! How can I get started ASAP?

Hold your horses! Here’s how you can be eligible to win an iPad, F1 Season Tickets and Paytm Cash.

1. Go to our Referral Section and create your personalized referral link.

2. Share your link on every social networking site, via email or blog about it.

3. Your friends join Paytm via your referral link, do their first transaction and both of you get Paytm Cash.

And just like that you’re eligible to win an iPad or an F1 Season Ticket.

Now take out that magnifying glass and let’s see what the fine print says.

  • If you bring a friend to Paytm and he does his first successful transaction via both of you get Rs. 10 Paytm Cash. However, if your friend does the same from our Mobile site, both will receive Rs. 15 Paytm Cash.
  • One lucky Paytmer stands to win an iPad.
  • Three Paytmers will get F1 Season Tickets.

We can almost hear you revving your engines and know you’re dying to get started. So go on push that pedal, may the G-Force be with you!

This season of Referral ends on the 16th of October, 2012 at 12oo hours IST. The winners are to be announced on the 17th of October, 2012.

Need a little Jump Start? Check our Referral Tips, Tricks and all That!

Burn some rubber!


Winner of the Paytm- Airtel contest!

On 25th August, 2012, we gave every Airtel prepaid user in India, who used the promo code AIRTELPAYTM, a chance to win an iPad.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this contest. We revel in the fact that you enjoy all our contests and so actively take part in them. So without further delay we’d like to announce the name of our winner.

Congratulations to Vipin Bishth on winning an iPad! You are the chosen Paytmer!

At the end of the day we want all Paytmers to know that we appreciate the support and enthusiasm each one of you show. That is exactly what motivates and inspires us.

Keep following us on Twitter and FB to participate in our future contests. You never know you can be the next winner :-)

Till our next contest Stay Charged!


Add Paytm Cash from your mobile!

Hey Jeshim,

Thanks for your suggestion! We love it when we get feedback from you guys. It’s Paytmers like you who inspire us to deliver nothing short of awesomeness. On the same note we have some great news to share with you. Once our team read your suggestion on Twitter, they were torn between their Friday evening plans and catering to your request. But hey, the choice came to them naturally and no questions asked our engineers Anil and Radhey, got cracking on delivering this feature to you and all our Paytmers. You can now have a ‘makkhan like experience’ on as adding to Paytm Cash has been made available as requested.

Paytmers can thank @jeshim for his brainwave of an idea! For latest updates be sure to follow us on @paytm.

Your Team Paytm

No toll at the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway.

25th September, 2012: Like we promised let’s bring you up to speed on the toll recharge situation:

Private vehicles commuting via the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway will continue to be exempted from paying toll for the next three days till the 28th of September. However, commercial vehicles have resumed payment of toll charges.

5th September, 2012: Your next commute via the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway could be as seamless as your recharge at Paytm. This tuesday, the court stopped the toll authority from collecting any toll for 15 days. So now you can use the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway from 5th through 20th September without having to pay toll. Cool, no?

There has been talk of reviewing the toll plaza workings and reduce the waiting time on the toll plaza. The important thing is as of now you can relax. In fact let us know if the no toll has or hasn’t helped. We’re listening!

If you’d like us to keep you informed on the progress on this one, just send us an email at asking us to do so.


Your account security is our utmost priority!


At Paytm we take your privacy and security seriously and will continue to do all that is required to make your experience as secure and convenient as possible. I wanted to take this opportunity to bring up the two most important things that every one must be aware of while transacting online.

First, one should remember that the details of your NetBanking, debit or credit card account (especially passwords) are nobody else’s business and they should never be shared with any one. For our part, we will never ask you for that ever.

Second, you must always check the credentials of the website where you enter your Netbanking or debit/credit card information. A credible, verified site will always use a secure connection before it asks for details from you. Take for instance where you will always find a secure icon on your browser that assures you that you are entering your information on a trusted site. Here is what it looks like on most browsers.

Every now and then we across people who find creative ways to conduct fraud. A couple of most common techniques are:

1) Spoofing a website
You might find a website that looks very similar to the one you knew of from before. The best way to avoid such a problem is to look at the URL bar for the lock sign.

2) Spoofing an individual
Somebody might ask you directly for the details of your bank account on any pretext such as refunding money to your account, validating a transaction and so on. Interestingly, a certain individual this week called a customer of Paytm from 08088841833 or 9886738809  and asked for debit card details to be sent to their email address (  and We strongly monitor such incidents and take swift action immediately which is what we did yesterday.

It is important in all these cases to remember: Under no circumstances does Paytm ask for your confidential information such your Paytm password or any bank account details.

I hope that this helps all Paytm users to conduct transactions safely all across the web. If you have concerns or curious to need to just get more information, we are always listening at Feel free to write in anytime.