Paytm’s mobile app. It glitters and is gold.

I am very excited – a shiny new version of the Paytm mobile iOS & Android apps just went live. You’re invited to check out  versions for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, BB10, Symbian and Java Mobile phones. Or just visit

Our mobile app has been a matter of pride for us since quite some time now. A lot of blood and sweat has gone into making it come up to the promise we made to ourselves sometime back. Our goal was to offer a recharge and bill payment in the same time that it takes for you to climb up a flight of stairs. I think we are there now.
Let me walk you through what we’ve thrown in in this version.

Popular Recharge Plans

Popular Recharges

You spoke. We heard. We got working. With this version of the app, we’re bringing you all Recharge plans right within the app. We call it Popular Recharges. We tagged it Beta because plans change every other day and there is a minor chance that our data might be out by a few hours.

Just tap on Popular Recharges when you are about to decide the amount you want to recharge with and you’ll see the entire list. You can filter through this list by 3G data packs, Roaming packs, STD packs and full talk time options. All these are constantly updated on our servers and you get them fresh from the oven every time you use the app.

Faster than before
As soon as you start typing in your recharge number, the app fetches your past orders so you save time. Now you should notice significant time improvement in bringing up that dialog box.

Your Paytm Cash pending balance that is shown on the Settings page now loads under 200 milliseconds for most of you. Go ahead, try that and let us know how fast you found it to be.

Some bug fixes
We’ve fixed some minor bugs for some of you who experienced rendering issues in small screen resolutions.

View Past Orders
If you tap on the user icon copy settings icon, you will now see an option to see all your past orders that you have placed with us. This comes in particularly handy when you want to just repeat something you know you’ve done before.

And now here is the best part that we saved for the last.

In celebrating the launch of this new app, we are announcing a limited time offer as a massive thank you to you all! Every one of you who recharges from any of our mobile apps starting now would receive up-to 100% cash back in Paytm Cash account!

Lets us know how do you like the app and offer!

Here are download links for app : Android || iOS || Blackberry|| Java 


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  2. I had Try to recharged my mobile with Paytm App 6 Times with 2 different bank via netbanking But when i login in my net banking account a login error show on my screen every time

    • Hi Hardev, unfortunately we have the app right now only for iOS, Blackberry, Jawa and Android. But the recharge for your Windows phone is possible via our mobile site: The offer right now is only for app recharges as we celebrate it’s new launch. We are working hard on the Windows version and will launch it soon. I apologize that you miss this offer. We will for sure come up with more. Cheers, Antje

  3. I’m using windows mobile how can I download this app to my mobile?
    Do you have this app for windows mobile?

    • Hi Selvin, Unfortunately we do not have right now an app version for Windows mobile. I really apologize that you miss the offer as it is only for app recharges. We are working on the Windows version and will launch it soon. Cheers, Antje

  4. If i do a recharge with paytm app, with different paytm account but same debit cards…will i get a cashback ???

  5. i have got message in my phone that (congratulations,you have got rs 50 for using paytm app but i have not got any rs what that message implies?

  6. (Thanks for doing your mobile recharge on the Paytm mobile app. As promised, we have added Rs 7 in your paytm cash account.) got this message in my mail but didn’t got this tooo

    • Hi Mukesh,

      We will continue the offer for an undisclosed time period :) That’s part of our Spring madness program.

  7. Very nice app. Well thought of and innovative…………….. Very good Job Guys…………..

    • Hi Hemant,

      We don’t have any surcharges – Except for postpaid users. We do charge a Rs. 10/- convenience fee in that case.

  8. 15th feb i recharged 100 rs next day i got it 50rs back but 16th recharged 1000rs still i didnt get any amt?r u forget?

  9. Hey PayTm ! Have you banned me on your facebook ?
    If yes then why because I’m unable to comment or talk to you.
    Please tell me my email id

    I want to add 10000 Rs on cashback. Is this offer applicable for this or not ?
    Please tell me as soon as possible.

  10. I got a message that I received Rs.50. But I got only Rs.15. Could you please let me know the reason for this?

  11. Hey!! If I recharge through the mobile app using my paytm cash will I be elligible for the cash back offer?

  12. I have recharged my phone though android app, the experience was awesome.
    My query : how I am going to know that how much cashback am i getting on this recharge..

    • Hi Gaurav, pleasure to know your experience was awesome. As for the percentage, so everyone will receive an amount ranging from 1 to 100% of your recharge value. The cashback percentage is decided automatically by the system, depending on multiple factors. Whatever your recharge value, you will surely get a cashback, which will be credited in your Paytm Cash by tomorrow.

  13. hey I am a regular user of paytm.
    but unfortunately this time I am dissapointed as the app is for limited users.
    if there is app for symbian mobiles then please post the link to download for us.

    • Hi Rajeeb, really sorry to say but we do not have a Symbian app currently. I apologize for you missing this offer. Stay tuned and we will definitely come up with more offers in the future.

  14. I’ve added paytm cash through paytm app on 16th feb, when will I get the cashback credited to the account?

    Offer details says, get cashback on 20th feb.. however, you are also displaying rewards so far on paytm homepage.. does it mean that the cashback is already credited to certain accounts? If so .. why are you saying it will be credited on 20th feb and when is it going to be credited in my case?

    • Hey Ashish, as per our system generated numbers, few users got their cashback who recharged till a certain time on the first two days of the offer. Be assured, your cashback will be in your Paytm Cash by tomorrow. Stay Charged!

  15. my order number is 75204589 …i recharged my mobile number 9618971691 for an amount of 100rs through paytm mobile application…till now there is no credit of cashback(that u have promoted cashback 100%) for first time mobile application users…

  16. hey today morning I made a recharge of rs 299 for reliance prepaid mobile but I yet not get the 100% cash back and where I will get amount , is this promotion is true or false bcos I use my tablet and download the app my tablet is annriod and ios model but even then I not got my 100% cash back

  17. I have reacharged yesterday through mobile app, how i will get to know how much cashback i am going to get?

    • Hey Gaurav, everyone will receive an amount ranging from 1 to 100% of your recharge value. The cashback percentage is decided automatically by the system, depending on multiple factors. Whatever your recharge value, you will surely get a cashback, which will be credited in your Paytm Cash tomorrow.

  18. i recharged my mobile no 9347353595 with 55rs through mobile application. i received message 50 rs cashback to my mobile no 9989435925. i received email 30rs cash back. what is true .i did n.t received any cash back in my paytm cash

  19. I believe the offer of cash back is also applicable to user who already have mobile app installed on their mobile device and not limited to new users only.

  20. Dear Sir,

    same issue like pkrishna , i m facing.. recharged my num: 9410233510 with rs 301 , and got sms on my mobile that you have rs 20 from paytm, but in my mail account i got a mail that “as promise we have rs 10 added in your mobile” as i login is my paytm app there is rs 10 was added. so please suggest which was true sms / email? and pls forward issue to your team and resolved ASAP, my login ID is 9410233510, now a ways i happy with rs 10 reward too.. thanx..

    Thanks & Rergards
    Deepak Kumar

  21. Is this offer applicable on 20.feb if i recharge 1000 by debit card logging i my account will i get cash back how much amount and also is it applicable for postpaid bills also

    • Yes Anand, this offer is valid also for postpaid bills also and it is valid today as well. Everyone receives an amount ranging from 1 to 100% of your recharge value. The cashback percentage is decided automatically by the system, depending on multiple factors. Whatever be your transaction value, you will definitely get a cashback.

  22. Paytm Team,

    Nice that you Launched the APP .

    IT SERIOUSLY LACKS THE RECHARGE HISTORY similar feature that of PVRCINEMAS where you can see the recharge history atleast for last 10.

    I Strongly Suggest the Paytm to implement this feature in the next Android app update.

    You Guys Rock :)

  23. I recharged my phone with 444/- yesterday i.e., 19th feb using my iphone app. Well, today is 20th feb, i still din’t get my cash back. Anyone there to help me out…?

  24. my order number is 75416618 …i recharged my mobile number for an amount of 50rs through paytm mobile application on 19th february…till now there is no credit of cashback(that u have promoted cashback 100%) for first time mobile application users…pls reply…

  25. Hi ,

    Is cash back offer still avalaible? today I will download the app and recharge.. please let me know.. thanks

    • Hey Ankit, you can use the Paytm app to recharge you prepaid mobile/data card/DTH or pay your postpaid/data card bills. Do try it out to experience the fastesy way to make payments.

  26. Hi Aditya,

    I recharged my mobile with Rs 200 TT yesterday using the App. When can i expect the Cashback to be credited to my Paytm A/c??

  27. Hi Team,

    Kudos to Paytm. Great site, awsm apps… Logically no 1 site among 10-15 recharge site, I have came across for last 5 year.. Guys please carry on these promotional excited offers… Best part of Paytm is paytm cash for failed rechage… With lots of Love & good wishes…


  28. I got two messages for getting Rs. 50 but haven’t got anything. Further you are ignoring users.

  29. MOST OF THE DETAILS GIVEN IN YOUR WEBSITE ABOUT RECHARGE OPTIONS ARE INCORRECT OR OUTDATED. I tried recharging my kerala docomo number with Rs.35 sms pack for which your website said will be getting 4000 local/national sms. But the real offer was that we would only get 3000 tata-tata messages and that is what I got.
    Really disappointed with your service.

    • Hey George, I am really sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Let me take some time of yours to explain the issue. In total we have 23 circles and each circle has over 1000 recharge denominations. Although we try our level best to keep our information updated at all times but we admit that at times, this is not possible as the operators keep changing the denominations at one or the other circle every moment. There have been instances when info on operator’s website has not been updated but Paytm’s has been. So, I would like to suggest that you call up the customer care of your operator to find the exact talk value before recharging. Stay Charged!

  30. Hi Paytm Team,

    Glad for the service u offer and amazed by the way it works.
    But I`m using Windows Mobile. Please make it available soon. I`m a Phone junkie and make lot rcharges trough mobile.

    Thanks and All the Best!!

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