We need more of India

Today, I went to Rashtrapati Bhawan for  Rupay launch. Rupay is a payment network like Visa or MasterCard.

Way back in 2001 when I was starting One97, I had a dream to build something that has impact of level of Visa. Something that’s world respected and we are proud to have built it in India.

We don’t always need some international companys’ help or their  benchmark to create a great company. Look at Big Bazaar, Look at Flipkart, Look at InMobi and look at Airtel. All these are build very much against normal expected norm of being from India.

I wish, We have equivalents or better of Naspers and Softbank created by India. RuPay for me is one such stuff.

Rupay debit cards or credit cards will be accepted across all ATMs, PoS and Online commerce with minimum cost of processing. It won’t need us to carry cards with labels of international clearances. All money, data and important information will always remain and reside in India.

We need more of such India.


Airtel’s special recharges now on Paytm

Today, we no more just recharge for our voice plans. We now top-up with special packs for 3G, Data, SMS or some special calling plan. We were working hard with Airtel to bring all these topup plans to our Paytm users. 

I am very pleased to announce today that now you can recharge your Airtel mobile with every special topup and every denomination out there.

Yes! we will no more restrict the choice to select few recharge amounts instead you can enter any amount you wish. Only Paytm offers you choice of all recharge denominations for Airtel mobile across mobile, web and app.

Based on your amount, we will go ahead and recharge your Airtel mobile with right topup option. (Hint: based on amount you recharge, you get that special offer as annouced by Airtel in your circle. All special offers are applicable with that exact recharge denomination)

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