We Are Sorry!

As a user of Paytm you might have observed that we have been inconsistent in the last 2 weeks. We changed our servers about that time and made the recharge experience easier with Fast Forward, and in the process broke a few things.

For some time you could not add to Paytm Cash. We had latency issues on the website and on the app. For a while we couldn’t show your transaction history too.

Our teething issues shouldn’t have affected your experience. Giving you a secure, fast and unmatched experience is the goal we strive for and we have been an arm’s length away from that in the last 2 weeks.

We are truly and deeply sorry for that!

Paytm is back to normal business now – and we promise to try and keep up the same great experience that you deserve.


For us folks at Paytm it has always been about building something that we can be proud of. We like to show others how good good can be.

This is what defines us: We are the company you can trust to never stop bringing you something better each day. We exist to put our collective hearts and souls together to create the best possible experience for you.
We’re here.
To Pioneer, To Inspire, To Lead and To Serve.

And that doesn’t stop at where we already are; even if we’re #1. Because the standards we set for ourselves are not those written in a rulebook; neither are the best practices written on some proverbial wall for us to blindly follow.

We have not stopped since we began and this brings us to what we’re revealing today: a better Paytm experience. The new Paytm is faster, way faster than before; has a lot more options for you to pay your bills; and comes to you with a great, refreshing look.

Fast Forward FF
We call this FF the FastForward button. Right after you type in details, you can hit this button to get your recharge done right away.

That is all there to it. For something so simple, I have no more words to describe it. Don’t forget to keep your Paytm Cash account topped up – it keeps away a lot of worries.

New Billers
Check out the Bill Payments section where you will find many more billers that are going live now. We are starting with two new landline bills (MTNL and Tata), five new Electricity bills (BSES, Reliance Energy, Tata Power, MSEB included) and Mahanagar Gas service. So if you are in Delhi or Mumbai, life just became a lot easier. Over the next few days you will find a lot more coming in so do stay tuned.

That’s not all — for an introductory time we’ve always waived off all convenience fees levied on the payment of postpaid bills. Yes, no additional fees whatsoever.

New look
The layout of items on the screen is sparse and allows you to see much clearly what is expected at any point in time. With a much large and growing base we have always wanted to bring the simplest, easiest interface and we’re very proud of what we have to share now.
You’ll also notice our logo that has changed from the previous one. More on that soon !

So go ahead, try it. And keep some Paytm Cash on your account. It keeps away a lot of worries.

And do write to us at feedback@paytm.com; we love hearing from you!

Have a Supercharged day !

0.15% is a very big number for us

Guys, We made a mistake. About 0.15% of you were affected by this error that lasted for about one week.

Some amongst you who downloaded the BookmyShow coupon from us might have found out that the coupon did not work correctly on the BookmyShow website. A coupon code for Bookmyshow looks something like a 16-digit debit/credit card number “5467435185009741″. Now we put this number in Microsoft Excel and well, it converts the above number to “5467435185009740“. We missed this minor change (which is well documented already) and sent out the wrong coupon code to you all.

We have fixed this now and have sent out new, working coupons to those amongst you who were affected. Please check your email and SMS inboxes.

Once again, I want to apologize for this error and want you all to be sure that we at Paytm stand by what we sell. Your money is yours, till you get what you asked for. It is as simple as that for us and this philosophy leaves no room for interpretation.

Paytm’s mobile app. It glitters and is gold.

I am very excited – a shiny new version of the Paytm mobile iOS & Android apps just went live. You’re invited to check out  versions for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, BB10, Symbian and Java Mobile phones. Or just visit Paytm.com/mobile.

Our mobile app has been a matter of pride for us since quite some time now. A lot of blood and sweat has gone into making it come up to the promise we made to ourselves sometime back. Our goal was to offer a recharge and bill payment in the same time that it takes for you to climb up a flight of stairs. I think we are there now.
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We’re growing up!

Since the last time I wrote about what we accomplished in 2012, we’ve been planning for 2013 and boy have we become more spoilt with ambition :-)

After all, the demands of a few million (four, to be a bit more precise) of you every month are anything but simple to fulfill. Growing up to be the sustained #1 app on the Google Play Store in our category and that too with a 4.6 rating in our category isn’t a piece of cake. And making sure that our servers continue to fix you a recharge in under ten seconds no matter how many of you come by is NOT a walk in the park.
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Chronicling 2012


Paytm is almost two years old. Like a toddler, it has found its feet and now doesn’t know to stop. Over the past year we’ve gone through substantial changes and believe that we have carved out an identity for ourselves. An identity that evolved through the myriad modifications we’ve made that represent our goals and more importantly, our ways of working.

The best way to explain our identity is to explain where we came from: One97. Yup, we were Born mobile. In India, One97 is the largest mobile digital goods company and with an ambition built upon its success, One97 decided to build a consumer brand. Paytm is that brand.

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