Your account security is our utmost priority!


At Paytm we take your privacy and security seriously and will continue to do all that is required to make your experience as secure and convenient as possible. I wanted to take this opportunity to bring up the two most important things that every one must be aware of while transacting online.

First, one should remember that the details of your NetBanking, debit or credit card account (especially passwords) are nobody else’s business and they should never be shared with any one. For our part, we will never ask you for that ever.

Second, you must always check the credentials of the website where you enter your Netbanking or debit/credit card information. A credible, verified site will always use a secure connection before it asks for details from you. Take for instance where you will always find a secure icon on your browser that assures you that you are entering your information on a trusted site. Here is what it looks like on most browsers.

Every now and then we across people who find creative ways to conduct fraud. A couple of most common techniques are:

1) Spoofing a website
You might find a website that looks very similar to the one you knew of from before. The best way to avoid such a problem is to look at the URL bar for the lock sign.

2) Spoofing an individual
Somebody might ask you directly for the details of your bank account on any pretext such as refunding money to your account, validating a transaction and so on. Interestingly, a certain individual this week called a customer of Paytm from 08088841833 or 9886738809  and asked for debit card details to be sent to their email address (  and We strongly monitor such incidents and take swift action immediately which is what we did yesterday.

It is important in all these cases to remember: Under no circumstances does Paytm ask for your confidential information such your Paytm password or any bank account details.

I hope that this helps all Paytm users to conduct transactions safely all across the web. If you have concerns or curious to need to just get more information, we are always listening at Feel free to write in anytime.

Refreshingly Paytm!



Ideas seem to come to us at offbeat places and at weird hours. Such was the plight of our team as we huddled together in hushed tones, took notes, scribbled on whiteboards and suddenly it was like an eerie calm had settled over us. We got cracking on our new found mission- Operation Fresh!

We noticed our engineers stare at their screens in a trance. We watched our product thinkers talk to themselves. We watched bright-eyed as our designers, developers and content evangelists put together piece by piece of what you see now on Paytm.

Paytm has an all new face, but still feels awesome. With a splash of blue and a dash of orange, it sends out a refreshing new feel to all Paytmers! Be sure to check it out and tell us what you think of it.

Your Team Paytm

Win an iPad, simply recharge your Airtel at!

Our day is made when we know you love the recharge experience at Paytm. We work hard to make sure that you get all choices and options for every operator’s recharges. We added Airtel to this list few days back.

Now you can recharge every denomination and every special pack offered by Airtel on and Paytm Apps. And we are celebrating this by offering every Airtel recharge user a chance to win an iPad !

Simply recharge your Airtel Prepaid Mobile on or our mobile apps and use promo code AIRTELPAYTM.

One lucky iPad winner who recharge using AIRTELPAYTM promo code will be announced on 30th September.

Share the joy and spread awesomeness.

Airtel’s special recharges now on Paytm

Today, we no more just recharge for our voice plans. We now top-up with special packs for 3G, Data, SMS or some special calling plan. We were working hard with Airtel to bring all these topup plans to our Paytm users. 

I am very pleased to announce today that now you can recharge your Airtel mobile with every special topup and every denomination out there.

Yes! we will no more restrict the choice to select few recharge amounts instead you can enter any amount you wish. Only Paytm offers you choice of all recharge denominations for Airtel mobile across mobile, web and app.

Based on your amount, we will go ahead and recharge your Airtel mobile with right topup option. (Hint: based on amount you recharge, you get that special offer as annouced by Airtel in your circle. All special offers are applicable with that exact recharge denomination)

At Paytm, we love making your experience awesome. Share your experience with your friends and invite them to try

Feedbacks welcome !

Use our iOS app and win movie tickets!

A batsman gets a tap on the back for completing a century.

A 100/100 seems like a  perfect score during examinations.

A film, on completing a 100 days, is considered a blockbuster.

So we thought why not celebrate every 100th mile we run.

Owing to the overwhelming response we’ve received, we’d like to show how much we appreciate you. For every 100th Paytmer who completes a successful recharge on our iOS app we’re giving away 2 movie tickets.

Yes, we’ve decided to celebrate you! So each time you use our iOS app, hope and pray that you’re the lucky 100th , 200th , 300th and so on!

Congratulations! You’ve won movie tickets.

Our lucky 100th Paytmer is yuvrajsingh15 (mobile # ending in 30021)

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Our lucky 1000th Paytmer is (mobile # ending in 11620)

Thanks for rocking our iPhone app guys! Ten lucky winners have been announced and your movie tickets are waiting. This brings the contest to a close and for those of you who haven’t gotten in touch with us do so ASAP!

Just a quick clarification: The usernames mentioned above is taken from your email address. If the username and the last five digits of your mobile number match, you need to get in touch with us on

When you are getting in touch with us remember to put ‘I won!‘ in the subject line.

A lot more contests coming up, till then Stay Charged!


Turn them green!

The much anticipated Paytm iOS app has made its debut on the red carpet! It’s a super-fast, fun and friendly way of recharging your mobile, DTH and data card. Indulge in a recharge experience that is custom-made to suit your fast-paced lives and gives you control of how and when. With a sleek new interface that redefines simplicity, this is one app you’ll want to flaunt around.

Paytm Cash – your cash stored in a secure virtual wallet enables you to recharge faster than you can finish your morning cup of coffee. We care because you matter and keeping exactly that in mind we have a 24/7 customer support team that makes your recharge – an experience. Along the way you could add some coupons from a mix of deals and discounts with each recharge at no extra cost. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to payment modes which give you the power to choose an option that suits you. With the endless list of operators we support, you can forget about ever having to go or look elsewhere. Every time you’ll think recharge; think Paytm.

This awesome new app equips you to recharge anywhere, anytime, anyway and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and the iPad. It runs on iOS 5.0 or later versions.

We’ve been tried, tested and trusted by over two million Indians, you’re next. Give awesomeness a chance!


Paytmers who left no stone unturned

Think you’ve given the Paytm Referral Program your best shot? Then this is your moment of truth.

Here are the Paytmers who were relentless!


Referrers who bagged an iPad:






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A hearty congratulations to all our winners and a BIG Paytm shout out to all those who took part in this Referral Program. Winners, keep an eye on your inbox, we’re going to be sending you an email shortly!

For the next circuit of Referral expect the unexpected!


Freedom from queues at the Delhi-Gurgaon Toll Plaza!

Forget about hitting the brakes, long queues and delays at work! Paytm introduces recharges for Smart Tags for the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway Toll Plaza. Yes, you read right! No more crawling behind a long line of cars to the toll booths to recharge your smart tags. Recharge them as and when it’s convenient by signing in to and clicking on the Toll Cards’ icon. Simply enter your Smart Tag number [last 11 digits only], select your route and enter the amount. Make sure the recharge amount you enter is as per your Smart Tag plan or else it may interfere with your plan’s rates. Once you hit ‘Proceed’, you’ll enter familiar territory wherein you can select from a wide range of free discount coupons. Voila! The recharge is done in a jiffy! Use the time saved for something meaningful, like spending quality time with that special someone or finally getting down to taking your dog to the vet!

With us around, you can wipe the sweat of your brow and breathe a sigh of relief!

We’re here to make life less complicated and empower you to Stay Charged anywhere, anytime, anyway!