You charge us, people and that’s how we charge you

Hey buddies,

We love our mission: to bring you all the most awesome service ever that will win your hearts. Ever. In the pursuit of this goal, we worry about the minute-est details; work late nights and weekends and keep our ears open for all that you have to say to us.

And I now tell you why we keep doing this over and over again, tirelessly.

We do it because nothing else energizes us more than the honest expression of delight of a happy customer. It is fuel for our mind and soul and is the reason we step up our targets higher than before.

I wanted to share a very warm email we received this morning. And you will know exactly what I’ve been talking about.

We love you Jai, for the opportunity you give us.


On behalf of the awesome folks at Paytm


Dear sir,

Paytm, one of the best recharging site i ever used. I came to know
about it from one of my friend. Before this, i faced so many problems
while recharging from other sites, for example recharge not done but
amount credited. There may be same problems in Paytm due to technical
issues but customer support is best among all the websites i used, not
the recharging ones but online shopping or net banking too. They
provide faster solutions not on their site but on facebook or paytm
blog too.

In addition to this, they are gifting free coupons that to without
additional charges like delivery or handling. Many other sites offer
coupons but some charge is been levied by them. Secondly,
Paytm let us chose coupons of any amount regardless of recharge value,
its like double benefit. Whether one recharge for 10 or 500, she can
get all this coupons.

one more benefit is one can recharge without internet connection using
SMS or Tall Free numbers. So no need to find internet and one can
recharge with ZERO balance using tall Free number. How Awesome!!
Finally, they also arrange fantabulous contests for which i salute
‘Team Paytm’.. Free cash program during ipl and Tank-Full Petrol were
rocking ideas, guys!!

Keep Rocking and Recharging!!

Jai Koradiya

Recharge your petrol tank @ Paytm!

At Rs 7.5, it’s the steepest petrol price hike ever”. – When this news came last evening, it had an unprecedented effect both online and offline.

Online, the social media mongers and news channels were buzz with discussing the causes, effects and blaming the government about this hike. Offline, we saw serpentine lanes of cars outside petrol pumps till late night. And we thought: What could we do to sweeten this hike for our users?

Well, how about a tank-full of petrol free for our users! :-) :-)

Yes, you read it right! Starting tomorrow i.e. 25th May till 27th May, Paytm will give free cash back worth tank-full of petrol to 3 lucky users every day. In different words, from 25th to 27th May, every day 3 users will get free cash back worth tank-full of petrol for their vehicle. 

You just have to recharge your mobile (pre-paid or post paid), DTH or datacard between 25th and 27th and you become eligible for this tank-full on that day. And you can redeem the cash back on any of your recharges on

Go vroom !


Winners of cash back worth a tank full of petrol…Congratulations!

Order number 38654349, 38634722 and 38588924 (25th May)

Order number 38742236, 38704054 and 38750016 (26th May)

Order number 38794164, 38792347 and 38804605 (27th May)

Made to be on the move, always

Have you noticed how our world is shedding assumptions we grew up with every day? Just a few years ago it wasn’t cool to even try buying stuff without holding it in your hands, or watching movies while commuting.

Assumptions also got broken thanks to people like these: E.Sreedharan got to dig a tunnel under dilapidated buildings more than 400 years old and got almost half of the capital city moving on the metro. Fauja Singh ran a marathon at 90 years of age.

Now, there are a few assumptions we’ve also worked hard to break: Recharging on the move.

We are built to be on the move! We believe recharging your phone is not something that you should have to wait to get home for. We don’t believe in particular, that our interests should be anything other than getting this job done for you as fast and reliable as possible.

That’s what brought us to launching our IVR and SMS based recharge. We are simply overwhelmed by your response to the IVR and SMS based recharges. So that’s how we know we’ve broken an assumption again.

Because we are made to be on the move, always.
Never settle.

Call 1800-1800-1234 from your mobile to recharge without Internet connection !

You can’t charge your mobile from mobile, but you can surely recharge
your mobile using your mobile. Confused? Read on.

Just imagine you are somewhere outside and don’t have an access to
Internet connection and you need an immediate recharge on your
mobile. What are you going to do? Stay Calm! You can use your mobile
to recharge your mobile. Now Paytm brings Recharge on the Move,
through SMS and a Toll free number. You can absolutely get an instant
recharge while you are on the go.

With Paytm, you can recharge your mobile phones while you are on the
move yes, literally! All that needs to be done before is the following:

Make sure you have added money to your Paytm Cash.
Enable recharge through SMS / Toll free number on the profile page in My Account.

The uniqueness about recharge through SMS or Toll free number is this can be done on the go without going away from the phone. After the above steps, all you need to do is type Paytm <space> <amount> and send SMS to 988-000-1234. You are not an SMS person ? No issues! We have another option for you; dial our Toll free number 1800-1800-1234 from your registered mobile number and follow the instructions to recharge your phone.

One of the most amazing things about the Toll free number is that it is free yes, that means even if you have a zero balance in your mobile, you can call this number and get your mobile recharged without any hassle at all. Of course, you must remember to keep your Paytm Cash handy in your digital wallet at at all times.

Thanks to Recharge through SMS and Toll free number, you can recharge your mobile from anywhere at anytime that is convenient to you without having to be at home or at a specific place with an Internet connection. This gives you a sense of convenience and comfort never experienced before.

Finally, you don’t have to wait any longer to enjoy greater talktime or connecting with your near and dear ones. Now, you really can be recharged anywhere:-).

Mother love. Express Paytm way

There’s nothing more pure than a mother and child relationship. Our mothers have always done so much for us without ever asking for anything in return. Yes of course, we can never repay what she has done, but we can certainly do something little to make her day brighter and happier.

We at Paytm can help you to find that little something for your mother. It is very simple. All you have to do is get a recharge at and you can avail some nice deals and offers for her.

How about surprising your mother with her favourite bouquet of flowers or gifts from Fernsnpetals and My Flower Tree? You can pick gifts of all kinds to make her day.

Looking for more ideas? Not an issue. You can pick a variety of mini photo books, photo mugs to sophisticated cameras at Zoomin, the photo superstore.

Not just this, there are gifts galore at Chhabra 555. You can choose something beautiful and lasting for your mother at their lowest guaranteed price.

So smile and make the most of everything. Grab the Mother’s Day special deals (enter your recharge details on, click proceed and pick your deals) and give her something precious and beautiful. After all, there’s nothing better than telling her I love you, my dear mother and thank you for being there always. 

3 Cs – Cricket, Cashback & Customers

The previous blog on “Cash in on Cricket” had 2 Cs – Cash back & Cricket. As the title suggest, it’s all about earning cash back with your recharge during current cricket session. But what really made this offer a success is the third & most important C; customers.

Yes, it’s you, our customers, who made this offer click not only by participating but also by engaging with each other, explaining others how to participate and spreading the good word about it. You did this on Blog, Tweeter & Facebook and Paytm is thankful for that.

Before we tell you how you acted as Paytm’s custodians and helped in spreading the word of mouth, let’s have a recap of what ‘Cash in on Cricket’ is ?

During every match you watch this season, visit on your system. Every time a wicket falls, or any team scores 100, 150 or 200 runs, simply refresh your page to see a timer begin its countdown on the homepage. Enter your recharge details and click on Proceed before the timer runs out. In simple words, if you reach our offers/deals page before the timer turns 00:00, your recharge will give you Rs 10 Paytm Cash back.

This offer started on 25th April and during the initial days of the offer we started getting queries on how to participate, how much will I win etc ? Some also said that they can’t see the countdown on the home page. We were prepared for such queries because whenever there is a new contest or an offer, queries are inevitable. But even before our care team (one more “C”) could answer your queries, we saw that few customers were guiding others on how to participate and win ? This caught our fancy and made us feel proud of you. Seeing you acting as Paytm’s custodians brought a smile on our face :-)

Below are few examples of how some customers helped other customers in knowing ‘Cash in on Cricket’ better.

When we published the offer on Paytm’s FB page; Lakhvir Singh Sandhu (customer) asked for more details on the offer and Vijendra Rajendra Dhage (customer) helped him by explaining the offer details to him.



To explain further in details, Vijendra even posted a screen shot of Paytm page which shows that his cash back has been credit to his account. He was answering all FAQs of other customers on FB page.

Similar kind of support was witnessed on Paytm’s blog too. Below screen shot shows Ramesh & Pankaj Gupta asking about how to avail the offer and Rakesh Adhikari is seen guiding them about it. Wow!


Support was not the only thing which you offered, some customers helped in spreading Word of Mouth of this offer. The joy of winning cash back is palpable in screenshots below.


So, those who are winning , continue the winning spree with every match. Those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s your time to earn free cash back. Whenever there is a match, visit Paytm and refresh (don’t forget to refresh the page) during the above mentioned events of wicket fall or 100/150/200 runs.

Come on, let’s show the magic of 3 Cs on


Love & Care 24×7

Uptil now, Paytm’s Customer Care Support have always been working round the clock but from behind the scenes. Today, it’s their turn to be in the limelight a spot that they truly deserve!

What makes the Customer Care Team tick continuously. First of all, the Customer Care Team are at the beck and call of the customers  totally! That really means they are there all the time to solve your queries whether it is daytime or night. Since at Paytm we believe that customers are at the heart of everything, we want to do everything in our power to make your Paytm experience both delightful and successful. This is where the super-efficient Customer Team play their most important role.

Just to understand what exactly 24/7 Customer Support means, here’s a preview. You can reach our Customer Care Team anytime of the day or night for any query or help, and they will try to work out your problem within a quick timeframe (under a few hours in most cases than not). This means you can feel at ease and absolutely comfortable recharging your mobiles with us your problem will definitely be sorted!

We believe that nothing can be better than a 24/7 support system as it covers all types of customers whether homemakers, office goers or those in transit. It is an always available thing at Paytm that you can completely rely on. There’s no need for customers to wait anymore or do it at a later date. The Customer Team are there to provide solutions almost instantly so that you can continue living your life without any hiccups or delays.

On the Customer Care front, life is as usual the happy bunch of team members are trying their best to put smile on the customers face, some are working at odd hours, a few may not be part of family dinners, and a few others are busy impressing irate customers.

In the words of Rachit Mehra, the Customer Care Team leader, “But when we receive motivating emails from our customers, we forget every odd or difficulty and enjoy this amazing journey with our loyal customers. That makes up for everything we do”.

So while we try our best to delight you with our services, please don’t forget to write to the Customer Care Team at for just about anything at all:).