Cash in on Cricket with Paytm!

In the midst of India’s fifth season, the cricket mania, it suddenly struck us that cricket is huge national recharger! And so how could we not do something about it? Well, so here is our ode to cricket, to its fans, and to you – our favorite customers.

Paytm is happy to announce a cricket special promotion. In this you could earn upto Rs. 200/- during every match. Let’s tell you how

During every match you watch this season, it would help to have open on your system. Every time a wicket falls, or any team scores 100, 150 or 200 runs, simply refresh your page to see a timer begin its countdown on the homepage. Enter your recharge details and click on Proceed before the timer runs out. In simple words, if you reach our offers/deals page before the timer turns 00:00, you have cashed in. Now all you got to do is complete your transaction and earn Rs 10 Paytm Cash right away. Voila!!

What can you do with your Paytm Cash balance on Paytm? Well you could use it to recharge quick and easy the next time you come to Paytm. What better way to cash in on cricket!

Just a few things to remember:
This promotion is valid only on a minimum transaction of Rs. 20.
You must fill in the recharge details on Paytm homepage and click on Proceed before the countdown ends.
One participant can recharge & earn free Paytm Cash only once during each event, i.e. once in every countdown.
This promotion is not valid on IVR / SMS / Mobile App and Mobile Site recharge.
This is a limited period program. Paytm has the rights to withdraw it anytime. This offer cannot be clubbed with any other promo code or discount.
Only successfully completed transactions will be eligible for cash back.
We may take a few seconds after the event to enable the cash back.

So can’t wait for the next match, eh? We know!!


Some time last week, we pushed out new software that offered a speed improvement in the recharge experience. (Yes, 10 seconds still isn’t good enough for us).

Now, that software upgrade caused a minor glitch because of which some of you could not get their phones and DTH connections recharged right. This error affected about 0.4% of our users.

We feel bad and we knew right away that we had to fix it – fast.

We just finished doing so.

While we’ve fixed the problem and have reached out to all of you who were affected, we’ve also thrown a little surprise for when you log on to your account. This is our humble way of saying, “Oops, we won’t do it again.”


The popular recharges are back…

What an exciting phase it is for Paytm as a company. We are super-charged to deliver what our customers require. On popular demand by our loyal customers, we have brought back the popular recharges option.

Now you can reach out to the world without having to worry about shopping around for your favourite recharge value. It’s just a click away and so simple. All you have to do (on after keying your mobile number is to Click here to see popular recharges.

Once you click on that, a pop-up window opens and you can see all the popular talktime options along with the recharge value, their validity, special recharge rates and data plan. Like for example, in case of Vodafone, the user can get a talktime of Rs 1001 for a price of Rs 1001 that is full talktime without any wastage at all!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t recharge any value you wish. You obviously have the flexibility to recharge absolutely any amount you would like. This just means now you can talk longer, SMS even more and get the best value for your money only because you can access the deals and offers without any hassle or stress.

There’s a little catch though. Since we collate our data from different sources and work regularly to update all the data, should you run into any doubt it’s a good idea to check with your operators as well.

At Paytm, our aim is to always delight and pamper you with better and more innovative services. For now, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to fulfill your request.

Recharge in less than 10 seconds… you beat us!

With movie sequels in fashion, we also thought of having a sequel to the previous blog

After reading your comments on blog and Facebook, we were contemplating an update to the blog spot ’12 seconds flat’. But when we saw that our users have taken up the challenge of doing a recharge in less than 12.6 seconds, we knew an update is inevitable . After all you beat us and this is one defeat to cherish. :-)

So, those who thought (including us) that 12.6 seconds is the fastest recharge at Paytm, think again… because our users have been doing their recharge even faster, as fast as 6 seconds. Wow, isn’t that ‘recharge with a vroom’ !!!

I am sure those who haven’t yet tried, must be thinking how is it possible ? We will share the recipe of fast recharge with you. The first thing you need is Paytm Cash (main ingredient) in your account. Simply add your phone number, operator name & amount on home page and click proceed on each of the pages. And your recharge is ready in a flash.

So who takes the challenge now ? Vrooooom….


12.6 seconds flat!

Online recharge - fast, secure and safe on Paytm
The success of IPL and T-20 cricket only proves that we live in a world where speed matters. An exquisite cover drive from Sachin’s bat hits the boundary in less than 4 seconds. The fastest 100m sprinter covers the distance in 9.58 seconds. Paytm also revamped itself with speed being one of the many features that we want to provide all Paytmers. Given all the enthusiasm about speed we decided to quantify speed at Paytm.

Unfortunately, despite the so many checkpoints that we apply to ensure that we provide you the safest and most secure online recharge, we did not have an accurate measure of the time required to complete a recharge. So we built something to capture the exact time you spend on recharging. 12.6 seconds flat! This was what it took Kamal, one of our team members to complete a recharge on Paytm.

There are not many things that we do in less than 12.6 seconds in our lives every day. My personal best was a bad 18.3 seconds but there were quite a few other Paytmers who were better. Just goes to show that Paytmers are really charged up. So add fast to safe and secure online recharges now. See you all trying to beat Kamal. Do share your best recharge time at

Stay Charged!!


Hello from an all new Paytm!

Have you had a chance to look at the brand new Paytm yet? We are super excited about it! If you remember, we had posted about something new coming up a little while ago, but left it for you to guess what it was. You came up with such amazing ideas that we not only took notice, but also got some of them in.

So here is the big change we promised you.

So here is the all new Paytm for you, and by you! We have changed our logo, design, colours and much more to keep pace with you. So this change is dedicated to you, our dear customer. :-)

So, let’s walk through what’s new.

  1. New logo, New look.
    The new Paytm is a fresh and smooth experience that is designed to energize you. The site now has a soul of it’s own – a living, breathing creature! If only I was allowed to name it
  2. Deals, redefined.
    Way more number of deals that our team has brought in for you. You can now see a highlight of the deals on the home page. Click on them, and you’d reach the Coupons page where they are categorised into: Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food & Beverages, and Flowers & Gifts for your convenience.
  3. Recharge. On the go.
    Once you enable recharge by Phone and SMS, you can call our toll-free line at 180018001234 to recharge your phone. You can also recharge by sending an SMS at 9880001234. Simple, you say? Actually, we can’t imagine it any simpler than that!

So has everything changed? Actually, no! :-) You still have the same trust and 24/7 care like before.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new Paytm!

Stay charged.

Paytm Team

Let’s recharge the environment – Earth Hour at Paytm!

Guys, this was our little step to join the global movement, the Earth Hour.

As you probably know, Earth Hour has been celebrated across the globe on last saturday of march since 2007. Households and businesses turn off their non-essential lights for one hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change.

Paytm decided to do its bit on 31st March from 8.30-9.30 pm. Most of us determined to keep the non essential lights off at our homes during this hour. At work, our care team who works 24X7 to respond to customers’ query switched off all possible office lights during that one hour. They worked in candle light while serving our customers.

Our care team, before and during Earth Hour!

There were jokes floating around that along with light, let’s shut down the monitors and laptops too. But how could we simply switch ourselves off to you, our customers? So we decided to go on observing what we know so well. Every hour at Paytm is a customer hour! :-)