Paytm is part of my life & we are sure yours too!

Hi friends! You may not know me yet but I am already connected with you all through FB, Twitter & much else.  I am Vineet & my job here is to make sure that you love Paytm as a brand & it remains a meaningful part of your life.  

Paytm for me was just a website name that I first heard last year when I was called for the interview. The interview had a typical climax with the trademark HR line “we will revert soon” but what I didn’t know that my association with this company would start soon.

The very next day my DTH needed a top up. Some issue with my DTH’s site made me recall this website brand. So, came to my mind, after all a brand in need is a brand indeed. As a new user, what caught my fancy was the tiniest sign up form (some of the sign up forms that I have seen are as long as a matrimonial form) which was such a relief! And the free deals were icing on the cake/sone pe suhaga. :D

Then I used it again to recharge my colleague’s mobile phone. I’m not a helpful guy as such but the free coupons lured me to recharge his phone ;-). This second experience made me appreciate the clean design and by now Paytm had moved up in my eyes to become a brand that provides easy recharge & free deals.

In next few days I got the offer letter and in no time Paytm moved up from just a brand to a part of my life.

Now working at, on & with Paytm, we all share a common objective i.e. to make Paytm a part of users’ life. We believe that a brand has not succeeded until it becomes a part of its customers’ life.

As a marketing guy, I love reading your comments (sweet or spicy) on FB, Twitter or your mails. Whether you are happy with us or there is a suggestion or a complaint, we appreciate when you write to us. We know you want us to do better and that’s our kick, the motivation, to give you the most awesome recharge experience around so that Paytm always remain a part of your life.

Keep sharing!

Vineet :-)

Recharge someone’s life!

What would you say if we were to tell you that as little as Rs. 50 can go a long way in helping secure someone’s future?

And what if we were to return that Rs. 50 to you after the money created the desired impact?


It’s true. is an online microlending portal that helps raise funds for education, clean drinking water, sanitation, energy and enterprise development. Because Milaap believes that a loan is better than a donation, the money is given out as loans. This means that 100% of your money comes back to you.

Why should you contribute on Milaap?

  • 100% of the money you give goes to the end borrower
  • You get to see firsthand the impact you are helping create
  • 100% of the money comes back to you!

By simply adding Rs. 50 each time you recharge or pay your bill on Paytm, you can help an unemployed youngster undergo vocational training and find a job. Once the training is over, the student gets placed in a job and begins to repay the loan in monthly installments. You get an email from Milaap that helps you set up your account and track your repayments. At the end of 18 months, you get your money back!

So far, Paytm users alone have contributed a whopping Rs 45,000 to! Isn’t that awesome?

You can be a part of this movement too next time you visit On coupon selection page, simply check the Milaap box and do a little good with your next recharge. Or visit directly and make a loan!

Making a difference is simpler than you think!

PS: Go on, show Milaap some love on Facebook and Twitter :)

- Shubhashree Sangameswaran of Milaap

Paytm serves a hassle free experience!

Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and its really troublesome to move around without our cell phones and proper amount of account balance if you’re a prepaid user. Gone are the days when we were required to visit service providers’ stores or other recharge outlets to top-up our prepaid account balance.

Among the many online recharge options now available, Paytm serves a hassle free experience and has been quite popular as we no more need to go outside to recharge our prepaid cards. Recharge is now possible from the comfort of our homes, any time round the clock. So, no more worries if we require balance urgently in odd hours of the night.

What’s more wonderful, not only can we recharge our own prepaid accounts, but also our family’s and friends’ too. Possibilities are truly unlimited as Paytm has introduced the Paytm Cash which is an online wallet. You can add balance to it via various forms of online payment systems. Just keep some cash balance in the wallet and you can even recharge on the roads. You won’t even need a PC/Laptop to recharge, just one SMS and you’re recharged using the balance from Paytm Cash.

Wait, didn’t I mention about postpaid users yet? Postpaid subscribers can also pay their mobile bills through Paytm. Absolutely smooth transaction like prepaid recharge.

Prepaid and postpaid recharge and bill payment facilities are available on nationwide basis, for numerous mobile operators, DTH and data cards. It is your one stop destination for all kinds of recharge & bill payment needs.

Worried about broken internet connection or failed transactions? No problem at all! Because Paytm’s refund policy has a quick response to the unsuccessful transactions. They’re even on the social networking platform Facebook so that you can contact easily.

Kaushik Biswas (Guest blogger)

God Bless Paytm!

“GOD” BLESS Paytm,
Paytm is the best recharge service that I’ve ever had. My views for Paytm.
Difference between Paytm & Retailer.

Paytm / Retailer
1) 24*7 (Online & Sms) / It’s having specific time for e.g. 08 a.m. to 12 p.m.

2) If recharge is not successful, still our money is safe / Here there is no guarantee with the retailer

3) We get all the details of recharge / Here retailer sometime give false information of recharge -what is special recharge etc.

4) 24*7 Customer support with us / Here is no one who help us to us query and problem

5) We can recharge our number / Here we can’t via sms at any time.

6) We can transfer our money to Paytm A/C which is safe / Here in this case not possible.

7) Recharge option like Debit & Credit Card etc. / Cash payment which create problem of give change money.

This is my great experience with the Paytm which is easy and secure and lots of option how to recharge e.g. Debit card or Credit card etc. Recharge DTH also I can and Instant recharge and get all the details of the A/C .

Best wishes Paytm.

Rahul Raghu (Guest blogger)

The shop around the corner

There is this shop around the corner that you probably go past twice a day. It perhaps is the place you go for milk, cigarettes or bread. It sure gives you the comfort of the familiar face of the owner. That shop is probably on your way to the evening walk and is a good place to hangout with Sharmaji and find out why the neighbourhood park hasn’t been cleaned lately.

At Paytm, we’re not trying to compete with that shop, the local kirana store, the chemist, the paan-waala or the mobile repair-wala.

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Cash-in with Paytm Cash!

There was a time when Paytm Cash was something you did not know about. Then came a time when Paytm Cash became something you did not bother about. Then one day one of your recharges failed, but since you had already paid for it on Paytm, you found yourself becoming an owner and user of Paytm Cash!

The story ain’t over yet, my friend. Now, since you had Paytm Cash, you paid for your next recharge with it. You said to yourself, “this is cool!” Then you thought to yourself, “Hey! Wait a minute. Paytm Cash is kinda handy to have, so why don’t the Paytm guys let me keep Paytm Cash in my account?” Smart thinking!

Thankfully “Paytm guys” were listening. So now, you can add to your Paytm Cash and use it for your recharges on Paytm.

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The Power of First Experiences

There’s always something extraordinary about first experiences the first spring flowers blooming, the delight in a child’s eyes when s/he has accomplished something for the first time, first love, or as simple a thing as the first concert experience. Well, for me, my first encounter with Paytm has been rewarding to say the least. I think what struck me most is the simple design of the website. Come to think of it, how more convenient can this be and how tricky it used to be before I chanced upon this uncomplicated medium of instantly recharging one’s mobile phone.

But of course, going back to my story of why I have become an ardent fan of Paytm all of a sudden hmm, let me think!
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Value for your Money

Staying charged at Paytm has its benefits; the biggest among them being more value for your money. Let us tell you how.

At Paytm, no matter what the value of your recharge is, you can choose coupons worth thousands of Rupees! You can see the value on the news strip on the top of the home page. You could directly reach the coupons page on clicking this. The current value at the time of writing this post is Rs. 10,912. This means, those recharging at Paytm now for as less as Rs. 10, could choose and use deals worth thousands!

The coupons that you choose from our deals could save you a lot of money! We have many offers for you which give you discounts on your shopping. Our range includes many brands from travel to flowers; from pizzas to coffee; from airlines to watches and more…

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